If you’re tired of being lonely and would like to find someone special, dating pretty Russian women online wouldn’t be a bad idea. Eastern European women are famed for their irresistible looks, sharp mind, brilliant education and traditional family values, so it comes as no surprise that men from all over the globe flock to Russia hoping to find a life partner.

Lots of them have already found the woman of their dreams in Eastern Europe, and there is no reason why you can’t succeed the same way. There are plenty of international sites where you can meet someone special and start dating her online.

However, if you’re new to the whole online dating thing, it may be rather challenging to choose a decent website out of hundreds of options, and then to go through countless profiles of stunningly beautiful, alluring and confident girls.

It may feel a bit intimidating indeed, but if you do it the right way, your online dating experience will be a wonderful success. Here are some useful tips on how to date pretty Russian women online.

Beautiful Russian girl searching for a romantic relationship with a foreign man

Join a trusted dating website

With a plethora of dating sites out there, making the right choice is a daunting task. Generally speaking, you should avoid free and pay-per-letter sites. You may wonder why it’s necessary to pay for services when a free option is available, but the truth is, free dating sites are often set up as scams. And even if they are not, there are plenty of fake or inactive profiles, and browsing through them is a sheer waste of time.

There is no support system, so no one is going to assist you in case you need help, and there is no verification process, so anyone can join the site with stolen photos of seductive Russian girls. And corresponding with a fraudster who hides behind a picture of a pretty woman is asking for trouble.

Pretty Russian women searching for life partners on international dating sites

As for pay-per-letter sites, they are designed to take money from you for each message you send or receive. They also charge for video chats, interpreting services, audio calls and so on. To say it’s inconvenient and expensive is to say nothing.

We would recommend joining a reputable site with a reliable support system and paid membership. You’ll have an unlimited access to a large database of women’s profiles, a vast array of communication tools and professional help of experienced administrators. Before joining a website, read the feedback of its previous customers and search online for reviews and success stories.

Set up a winning profile

When it comes to online dating, first impression is all important. It takes a fraction of a second to spark a woman’s interest when she goes through men’s profiles on a dating site. Don’t lose your chance. Your profile should reflect your personality while awakening her curiosity and intriguing her mind.

Profile photo

First of all, make sure you have a presentable profile photo. There are plenty of ridiculous photos on dating sites that make pretty Russian women laugh. Don’t be one of those guys who upload bathroom selfies, topless photos, group pictures, or heavily pixelated images.

Don’t forget to turn your smiling setting on – a gloomy or angry face is not going to attract anyone. If you look unhappy or miserable on the photo, you’d better consider choosing another one. Russian women for marriage are not interested in men with lots of problems. They are searching for someone cheerful, easy-going, optimistic and capable – someone who’d give them a nice lifestyle.

Choose a nice location for the photo – a nature spot or a cosy city street will do perfectly well, If you take photos at home, make sure your room is tidy and there is no messy backgrounds.

Your cloths should be tidy, neat and tasteful. You don’t have to wear extraordinarily stylish outfits, especially if it’s something you don’t do in day-to-day life, but take some effort selecting a nice shirt a pair of jeans and trousers. If you’d like to appear more casual, a long sleeved t-shirt and cargo pants are a nice combo.

Pretty Russian women take lots of trouble in order to look good, and it would be unfair of you to search for someone good-looking while completely neglecting your own appearance.

If you can’t take a good picture of yourself, ask friend to help you out. Or perhaps you would consider going to a photo studio and using services of a professional photographer. Sound like a lot of trouble, but it’s totally worth it in the long run.


You introduction should be well written and informative. Keep it simple and interesting – don’t be too brief or too bubbly. It’s also important to be honest when filling the profile fields on a dating websites, even if you’re tempted to appear more charming, successful and prosperous than you are.

Point out what exactly you’re looking for on a Russian dating site. Describe your character traits and interests. Talk about your expectations from a life partner. Share your views on romantic relationships, family and marriage. Don’t open all your cards though – there should be something to discuss in your letters as well.

Contact the women you like best

There are plenty of gorgeous women on Russian dating sites, and it’s easy to be carried away when looking through their profiles. However, you shouldn’t forget what you are there for. Your aim is not to please your aesthetics but to find a decent woman to share your life with.

That’s why it’s crucially important to read what Eastern European brides have to say about themselves. Don’t send generic “hi beauty” messages to every pretty face – make sure to read their profiles and see whether you have something in common.

Bookmark the profiles of pretty Russian women you like best. We would recommend contacting around twenty women to start with. If half of them give you a positive response, keep corresponding with them all.

No need to feel bad about talking to more than one woman – in the course of a few weeks some of them will stop writing for various reasons (met someone else, got busy, lost interest and so on). When you narrow down the number of girls you write to, it will be easier to select the one you’re really attracted to.

Dating online with a beautiful Russian lady

Use a lot of communication tools

Handling a long-distance relationship is no easy task, so you should diversify your communication as much as possible. It will help you to hold her interest and keep the fire burning between the two of you. Write her long and interesting mails, send “good morning” and “good night” messages, make phone calls, and set up Skype dates.

It’s also a nice idea to send an occasional snail mail letter or a little parcel. Use the local flower delivery services to surprise her with a lovely bouquet. Send her a touching gift or meaningful souvenirs. Reveal your genuine interest in her life and talk about your happy future together.

Make a trip to her home town

No matter how exciting online dating may be, the end goal is meeting your girlfriend face to face. It’s a crucial moment in your romantic relationship when the two of you will be able to make out whether you’re really meant for each other.

Usually it’s men who make a trip to visit pretty Russian women in their home town. But you may invite her to make a trip to your country instead. In this case you may want to help her with travel expenses if the air tickets are beyond her budget. Alternatively, the two of you can meet in the third country.

These were only some tips on how to get a Russian girl for dating and start a romantic relationship with one of them. However, there is no universal recipe to follow, and everyone’s love story is different. Don’t get easily discouraged in case things are not happening as fast as you expected. Love matters require patience. Dating a Russian girl online is a wonderful experience you’ll never regret.