The danger of Russian marriage scams online is often exaggerated since modern foreign males still prefer to create a family using old traditional methods. They do not really believe all these dating websites and marrying agencies, but they have clear reasons for this.

First of all, all men do not like to lose control over the situation because they want to feel like they are in charge of the whole date when they approach a beautiful Russian woman. It is not that simple to get this feeling when we are talking about online dating.

Secondly, it gets quite difficult to pick up a Russian lady through the web when you realize how many competitors you have around. Certainly, the same situation is in the real world as well, but you do not feel it so clearly. It is connected with the fact that you see a precise number of how many male representatives are on this or that website right now.

Therefore, this mental pressure may be the crucial factor when a foreigner starts looking for his own Russian bride because he should make a choice whether he is going to take the risk and use some marriage agencies to work for him or fly directly to Russia and try his luck there.

Then, you are to decide what website you are going to you because choosing a free one increases your chance of facing Russian marriage scams and if you decide to use a paid website, you are going to have nicer people around.

Eventually, you should be really careful when you wish to establish relationships with Russian girls online because the chance of being scammed is still extremely high.

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Russian marriage scams often promise you something unrealistic

If we are talking about romantic relationships online, you surely will meet a Russian lady who offers you all kinds of intimate services for a certain amount of money. Nevertheless, you should never pay her first because she will immediately block and ignore you.

Some Russian women actually offer their services just to earn more money and they always do what they have promised. Although, you can never be sure whether she is the right girl or not. It is better to take precautions and do not let her fool yourself and leave you without your money.

Besides, you should simply think with your own head and do it as often as possible because some offers sound extremely ridiculous and you should never trust what you read on these dating websites. Yes, the amount of requested money is often quite low but it is not worth it losing your finance for nothing.

Another thing that may be a surprise to you is that Russian marriage scams will try to do anything you ask just for your money. Nonetheless, they will never do the slightest step towards what they have promised before you transfer the amount of money she asked for.

So, this strategy works pretty straightforward, but a lot of foreign males still believe in it because they do not use dating websites that often. You should just understand that you are not going to get anything just because you paid for this on the Internet.

Order your Russian bride carefully

When you firmly decide to reject to use dating sites on the Internet, you are likely to find some marriage agencies that work in a bit different way because they guarantee you that they will be able to find yourself the best Russian wife you can only imagine.

However, they ask you to pay for their services before they get to work. It happens so that these agencies may be full of Russian marriage scams, but you can easily avoid this if you use only those agencies that have some other men’s reviews and comments.

Therefore, you will always see whether this organization is worth your money or not. You should keep in mind that ordering a Russian woman is risky because they may find you what you are looking for, but they do not guarantee you that this particular female will stay with you forever.

In reality, it often happens so that your Russian girl breaks up with you just when you start living together. After that, you cannot lodge any claims with the marriage agencies, which helped you get this lovely lady. They have successfully done their job and you paid them for this already.

In order to escape this unpleasant moment, try to make sure that this Russian woman actually wants to have serious relationships with you before you admit that this marriage agency has done its part of the job. Otherwise; you can easily ask them to find you a better option.

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Russian marriage scams prefer to act slowly and safely

No man will ever transfer his money to a Russian lady he knows a few days or even weeks because she does not look like a safe variant to him. This is the right approach since she is likely to turn out to be a scammer or gold digger if she asks for your money immediately after your acquaintance.

This is why you should make sure that she has some serious feelings for you before doing anything with your money. Try to arrange a real-life meeting with her in order to see whether she actually meets all your requirements and preferences. You do not have to pay for nothing, especially if we are talking about the woman you are going to create a family with in the nearest future.

If she actually likes you, she is not going to ask you for money because she understand that it scares you away immediately. Nonetheless, even if you are chatting for half a year or even more, you still should not transfer your money, especially if the requested amount is quite big.

Keep in mind that a lot of Russian marriage scams will pretend usual brides just to earn your trust and then, they are going to ask for a huge amount of money just because you know each other for a long time already. Do not trust them unless you want to be fooled.

What to do if a Russian girl fulfills her promise

It may happen so that you have been chatting with an attractive Russian woman for a long time and she asked you to transfer some money to her. However, she has promised to send you her nudes or anything like this as a thank you. This is not really what you should agree to do, but some males still take the risk and do what they are asked.

Only two options may happen in this case:

  • she turns out to be a typical scammer who has been exploiting you;
  • she actually does what she has promised you.

So, a lot of foreigners can be shocked when Russian marriage scams actually do what they have promised because it is not really typical of them. Although, it is not time to relax because it is just the beginning of their plan.

Some Russian scammers will definitely try to ask you for a bigger amount of money as time passes. By this moment, you are going to forget about what has happened recently and agree to pay more to see some of her beauties. You have no reasons not to trust her, right?

You will transfer more money to her bank account and this is the moment when she is going to block you because you trusted that she would do anything for your money, but it was just another preparatory step to scam you.

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Learn from your mistakes every time

Even if you have been fooled and you have successfully transferred your money to one of the Russian marriage scams, it does not mean that you cannot trust dating websites on the Internet. In fact, you should simply learn from your mistakes every time you make them.

It is good that you have lost only a small amount of your money because you could lose even more. However, now you know that you cannot really trust Russian females who promise you some unrealistic things for your finance.

Once you realize how it actually works, you will try to chat with a particular Russian woman as long as possible before doing anything else. The best option is to meet her face-to-face just to check whether her intentions are decent and honest.

If it happens so that you have been scammed repeatedly, try to change the website you are using because it has no protection against scammers so far. Remember that it is better to pay for the services of a website than to pay to a girl who is going to lie to you as soon as she gets the chance.