What makes modern Russian brides reliable partners?

Beautiful Russian girls are one of the main aims of single men dating online. No one is classier or more reliable as life partners in the whole world. What makes them more trustworthy today than before?

Although many people in the USSR in fact wanted to escape and live abroad, after its collapse, the majority of women still weren’t ready to change their lives drastically. It kept them like the swamp.

It explains why not all girls were serious in the 1990s and 2000s, and why mostly adventurous personalities relocated. Today, everything changed completely and Russian women crave the relocation.

Russian politics is leaning towards the terrorism and usurpation, more and more, without protecting or providing the elementary rights of simple people. Nothing keeps the girls from seeking changes.

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It’s impossible to remain on the level of South Korea for so long, when the world is evolving rapidly. Russian women are open-minded and have a huge potential, they are ready for a better life.

The availability of information and a more intense travelling made Russian women better adapted to western realities. They know the pros and cons, and they know the ways to earn the money.

Their level of reliability has also raised thanks to technologies. Back in 1990s and even later, many women in Russia still didn’t have a computer of their own, a smart phone, or the Internet.

There is no person in Ukraine or Russia today who wouldn’t have all that. It means they can get acquainted with you easily, and they won’t manipulate with the lack of equipment to get some profit.

Due to these simple factors, the number of success stories got sky high, and we observe happy Western – Russian couples in each town or village, not talking about large cities. It’s very encouraging.

Where to meet Russian girls online

Since women in Russia are so motivated now to meet a foreigner, they surely use international dating apps a lot. They spend time there with a great enthusiasm, and often make the first step.

Girls seem to choose the trustworthy platforms only, that are high-rated, bring fast results, and have confirmed positive reviews from other members. The list of such platforms is below.

No. 3 app. AnastasiaDate

Some men are surprised by the fact that a dating site can remain so popular for ages, especially after being criticized for certain flaws. But, such a high rating of AnastasiaDate in Russia has reasons.

Although modern in a way, girls are a bit afraid of Tinder where they are judged only by physical sexiness and provocative photos. People have only seconds to make a choice there.

While Russian women have deep and vivid personalities, they like to express themselves in a creative way, write long letters, ask personal questions, share the facts from their daily life.

AnastasiaDate offers wide opportunities for that, and gives certain guarantees both to western men and to Russian girls. They also trust this platform by the old habit, since have heard about it many times.

Brilic app

No. 2 app. Mamba

Mamba gradually becomes purely Russian dating app, without a considerable number of Ukrainians or Belarusians on it. Literally all Russian singles have been registered on Mamba at least once.

Its huge advantage is that Mamba is free. No trials, no discounts, it’s simply free for each user. But, it also means one has to tolerate the ads and weed out the fraudulent accounts by himself.

Mamba was mostly created for local dating, so girls are always impressed by foreigners who appear there. You’ll be noticed by a bigger number of real girls from Russia if you highlight your profile.

Like all free aps, Mamba is a bit criticized for being messy and not trendy enough, but it’s good for beginners or for singles cautious with their money. Success stories are also present.

No. 1 app. Brilic

For just a few years, Brilic app gained a huge popularity among Russian girls. It’s exactly an example of the compromise they are ready to make, choosing between the old style and new style apps.

Brilic is even more stylish than Tinder, yet it doesn’t have its disadvantages. The philosophy of this app is, join for all kinds of relationships. So it’s not just a hookup dating site like many others.

Thoughtful and romantic Moscow women are especially fascinated by the dating blogin Russian as a bonus to this efficient platform. They love finding top travel tips there and some good dating advice.

How to date Russian women on the best apps

Since these top dating sites bring such great results, it is important not to loose the chance, and to grab it firmly. Russian girls are very understanding and compromising, but it’s vital to court them anyway.

It’s noticed that some western men are trying to hide their real data or improve the facts, in order to attract more girls. But they have another kind of thinking, so it isn’t necessary to change the info.

For instance, the child issue. Russian women adore children and aren’t afraid to meet a man staying with one or several kids. They make perfect step-mothers and never consider this a burden.

So it makes no sense to skip the Children section in the profile. On the opposite, a man gains more points if he places a photo of him embracing lovingly a little one. It’s simply cute!

By the analogy, Russian girls do not understand the position of baby-phobia regarding themselves as single mothers. They readily accept others’ children but expect the same in return.

Another useful hint is not to tell Eastern European women shallow or impersonal compliments. Take a few mins to look at their profile photos and appreciate their inner qualities too, not only outward ones.

Best apps to meet Russian women

For example, tender eyes, or a loving glance always sounds better than a trivial – beautiful eyes. Inspiring smile always sounds better than a pretty smile. You look like a wonderful person, is better than sexy.

Another frequent mistake is using a girl as your virtual diary. There are men who just keep on writing about all their activities, without giving a heck about a girl’s well-being and daily life.

If you do not react on the photos she sent you, or ignore her parent’s or a child’s Birthday she notified you about, even her own Birthday, but boast of your purchases and great trips, she won’t remain interested.

Not because Russian women are materialistic, many of them aren’t. They just want some attention and care, like any other female, and if a man is obviously selfish, they’ll give up on him.

To assume that, it would be fair to admit that Russian girls are better survivors than their western and European peers, but they’re less immune to one’s ignorance and emotional coldness.

Maybe it’s unusual for you to express warmth in every word and action, but once you master this art and start applying it, your success among gorgeous Russian beauties will instantly grow.