The news item “Marry Russian Woman” is a news item in the USA concerning long-term marriages, arranged marriages, dating and love matches of foreign women with US citizens. The article was written by an acquaintance of mine. I was asked to read it and then comment. This is my position on this controversial law next week concerning dating app for hookups. As a dating person myself, I believe in free speech. I also believe in dating and marriage as a process that should be enjoyed by both partners, not just one.

One thing about the news item which may puzzle or mystify some people is that it talks about how the new controversial law on dating from Russia will affect long-term marriages. It seems that the US government has made common cause with the government of Russia on this issue. This makes sense considering that both countries have strong pro-Western economies and want to maintain good relations.

So, what’s about dating-for-cash?

This is a dating service through special websites which can be used to connect singles with compatible partners. The dating service is known as saraya. According to the news item, there is a provision in the law that says anyone wishing to sign up and become a member of the russian dating service should be approved by the authorities.

However, there are doubts as to how genuine the authorities really are since many people were prosecuted for taking up this service.

The question of whether people should be prosecuted for dating Russian singles comes in when you consider that the services can be availed for free. People who wish to sign up and get married to Russian women do so free of cost. It is understandable that such services attract people and make them look like better prospects in marriage.

The problem lies in the fact that these services are known for their long-term relationships and it may not be possible for some of them to find long-term partners for marriage. So, in that case they cannot continue with the dating activities. They might then look towards marriage in another country.

Women are migrating to other countries to be married to Western men

Such cases are therefore rare. The ones that do not migrate are those women who marry a man from their native land only and then migrate to the West. Such people are normally in a desperate situation and so do not have sufficient options to choose the right partner for marriage.

If you wish to know whether you would face problems if you decide to marry a man who is from a different country, then you can check out the service offered by the World Wide Web and check out whether there is an option for chatting or whether you would have to actually talk to the person you are marrying. Talking or chatting online is always preferable when you wish to marry someone from Russia or any other country. If you do not chat online then there are chances that you might not get proper advice and directions for marriage from such people.