Every local man knows the certain rules when going on the first Russia date because they are the ones who understand Russian women’s mentality more than anybody else does. Nevertheless, what about foreign male representatives?

The statistics shows that only a few of foreigner know how to woo a Russian girl when their relationships begin. For a second, this is the most important part of strong and long-lasting relationships with any Russian beauty because this is what they are looking for around the globe.

Therefore, it becomes obvious that foreign men need to learn some dating tips to get their Russian women because the secret lies not only in your money but also in understanding and sharing emotions, feelings, and finding common ground in general.

We live in the modern world where even young Russian girls can earn more than enough to provide their own living, but they still wish to date exactly a foreign groom because they find him more attractive, gallant, and well-bred.

If you cannot really call yourself such a man, it is still possible to become better than any other local man is. You just need to make sure that you are always trying to do your best to become a part of your Russian lady’s life and society in general.

It will definitely be easier to create a family and live a happy life with a Russian woman once you understand how to woo her during the first several dates. This experience will never let you think of other women in for sure. You just need to realize that your mind requires certain changes before you can go on a Russian date without being afraid of her.

Elegant Russian brunette with a nice bouquet of white flowers in a summer city

Do not compare your Russian date with the previous experience

As has been already mentioned, you need to forget everything you have learned about women in the past. At least, you will not need it while you are trying to find a Russian wife because your tricks will not work out with them for sure.

The first thing that stands in your way of getting closer to a charming Russian bride is that you apply the rule of equality to her society. However, it does not work in Russia at all because local girls still rely on their men in many questions and equality simply does not exist there.

Whether you like it or not, you will have to deal with it because she will expect you to become stronger, more intelligent, and simply better in general words; otherwise, your Russian lady will never feel complete near you.

Besides, if you still wish to use the experience of your previous date, you may find it difficult to persuade your prospective Russian bride that you are going to change. It is especially bad if you are young and active, but she will consider that you cannot accept new things to change yourself to become a better man.

Moreover, you should never compare your Russian date with anything you have had before since the majority of Russian girls can actually get offended because they consider it rude and impolite to talk about relationships you had in the past, whether it concerns a male or female.

Find common topics to discuss with a Russian woman

Young beautiful smiling Russian woman walking elegantly in a red dress

The first step that will bring you closer to any Russian lady and even will improve your chance of conquering her heart once and forever is the right way of communication. It seems simple to do, but only a few foreigners succeed in it when it is time to act.

Of course, everything concerning about your future family counts because if you wish to get married to a Russian bride, you should start to talk about it with her right from your very first meeting. It does not matter what you are going to say exactly, you just need to suggest this topic for discussion and wait for her response.

The most important thing is that your Russian woman is looking for a nice person to talk to and if you have all the necessary qualities, she will definitely fall in love with you. First of all, you just need to be open and talkative because this is what attracts these females more than anything else. In addition, you will notice the way she changes her behavior and becomes more open herself. This is all your influence on her for sure.

Once you succeed in this aspect of your Russian date, you will immediately realize how to get acquainted with hundreds of such feminine beauties because you will be able to do in right on the street of any city and country. The key to success lies in proper communication and confidence.

Make your first Russian date unexpected and surprising

Certainly, you can just show up in front of your Russian woman and have dinner with her, but she will consider it too simple and maybe even boring. Taking into consideration the fact that you are a foreigner, she expects you to be more imaginative when it comes to the first date.

Therefore, the least thing you can and should do is to bring a bouquet of flowers. The majority of Russian ladies prefer cheap wildflowers, but you can also buy roses or lilies to surprise her even more. The thing is that they consider the first option more romantic and unusual.

The second important thing is to bring at least a small present with you when you go on your first Russian date because these females cannot imagine their lives without gifts. Even the poorest Russian males know that, and they are ready to spend their last money to buy something for their beloved women.

You have a winning situation because you do not lack money so badly and you can simply buy her a cheap ring, necklace, or earrings, for example. Everything listed counts as a nice present for the first dating evening. Even if you misunderstand something, you still look better in her eyes than if you would not have brought a gift with you.

Nice words can make Russian girls fall in love immediately

The biggest part of foreign male representative still underestimate the value of compliments in our modern life. Nonetheless, they certainly do it in vain because they have never tried arranging their first Russian date themselves.

It will become clear that compliments play a crucial role when you only begin relationships with any Russian woman because she expects to see your manners and gallantness in action. This is what makes her choose exactly you as her prospective groom.

In fact, you should understand it yourself since Russian girls are the best and they certainly deserve more of your attention. You are not likely to find such a lady in the entire Eastern Europe for sure.

You should be respectful and supportive whether you are just trying to woo her or you already have serious relationships that can potentially evolve to a real family in the nearest future. 

In addition, she will start giving you compliments in response that will definitely make your self-esteem higher than it is now. Any nice words may make you become closer and there will be an easier way to understand each other and find common ground.

Young smiling Russian lady in sunglasses happily looking in a camera sitting in a summer cafe

Arrange the second date without waiting for her step

Some foreigners are sure that Russian women will become their just because they have managed to arrange the perfect first date. Nonetheless, it rarely works this way because this is only the beginning of your journey.

You will have to organize the second evening meeting as soon as possible because your prospective Russian wife has become interested in your personality and your primary goal is to keep that level of interest in order to propose to her sooner or later.

There is no point to wait for something before you can arrange the second Russian date with your beloved girl since she may have a feeling that you feel ashamed for something you have just done. However, it is not true because you have done a great job and you just need to keep it the same way.

It will be easier to organize all the things and details when the next time comes because you already know some information about her tastes and preferences. Every next Russian date should become only better and better because you get to know each other. Your task is to remind her about yourself all the time because she still may forget about you even if you are a truly decent man.