You sign up for a dating site with certain expectations. Some of those expectations may be realistic, while others may not be so much so. For example, you might get fewer responses from beautiful Russian women than you initially expected in your first week or so on an international dating site, and may be puzzled as for the reasons for this.

But let’s set those reasons aside for a moment and focus on the fact that such a lack of response might tend to discourage you. But there is no need to worry, because there are certain things that you can do to make sure that you attract interesting and beautiful women would be interested in you as a life partner.

Remember that Russian women are from a culture that is, to an extent, different from your own, and their likes and dislikes may not be quite what you expect from a woman. When you take these preferences to consideration, you’ll find that you’ve become far more successful at attracting Russian women.

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Put your best foot forward with a good picture

What is the first thing you look at when you look at profiles of Russian women for marriage? Yes, you look at their pictures. Well, they look at your picture, too. What do you like best in a woman’s picture? You like to see a woman who’s smiling at you, who’s attractive, who looks pleasant, and friendly. You look at her picture, and you feel a positive vibe, and then, of course, you go on to look at her profile.

Well, this works the other way around as well. You need to upload the most pleasant, and certainly the best picture of yourself that you have, go and have yourself professionally taken if that’s what it takes.

You won’t believe it, but there are lots of ridiculous pictures of men on dating sites. For example, there are cut outs from when they were a couple. In other word, a man has cut out a picture of himself with a woman. In many cases you can actually see the woman’s arm around him. Obviously, this is the sort of thing that does not work and will in fact even repulse beautiful Russian women seeing this picture. They will wonder when you will cut out their picture from a photo of the two of you as a couple.

Picture quality is crucial

If you upload a blurred or unclear image of you, it gives two impressions. Firstly, a woman will think that you’re not serious about searching for a life partner if you can even be bothered to upload a reasonable picture of yourself. Secondly, if the picture is too blurred, a woman will of course wonder what you are trying to hide.

So, upload a good picture of yourself, one that is crystal clear, and one that portrays you in the best possible light as a genuine, pleasant and friendly person. Pictures of yourself engaged in various hobbies also help a lot. These could be anything – they could be hiking, travelling, or even being engaged in any creative pursuit that you might be interested in. Putting this up shows you to be an interesting person, and of course a woman wants to know you better.

How you’re dressed in a picture is also important. While no one needs to go for formal attire, nevertheless, a neat and well dressed look is absolutely essential if you want to attract Eastern European brides. The background to your photos is also quite important, and images taken in the midst of nature are bound to affect a Russian woman more. After all, Russian women have sensitive souls, and if you take a picture of yourself in the midst of nature, it shows that the two of you perhaps have something in common.

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Make sure to make your profile interesting

There are so many men who join international dating sites and perhaps even put up a picture or two of themselves, but don’t bother to write anything about themselves in their profiles. Then they are surprised at the lack of response. But, if you don’t write anything original and engaging, how are beautiful Russian women to tell you apart from hundreds of other men on the site?

After all, a man who isn’t any different from the rest, will not stand out from the rest. Try to make your profile not only informative and interesting, but also add a little of humorous or at least enjoyable read. Try your very best to make it so that a woman feels that she is not contacting just another man. Above all, of course, be honest.

When one is talking about oneself online, there is always a temptation to pad the truth and try to appear a little better than what you are. But better strategy is just be yourself, and to show yourself in the best light possible, but to stay truthful and honest. Doing this prevents any awkwardness in the future, when any untruthfulness is sure to come out.

Finally, try to be as optimistic as possible, and to write in a way that is cheerful and positive, as that is the sort of partner that everyone wants to have in life.

Make your letters personal

A lot of people believe that a single standard letter can be sent to multiple people. However, each person is unique and you will do far better if you write a personal message that is actually based on the information in a person’s profile.

It would be interesting to comment upon something unique about her profile or to talk about some common interests. Doing this lets a person know that you think they are unique and special, and worth knowing. It goes without saying that such letters are far more likely to get replies.

Reply quickly

This is the era of instinct communication, and people are simply not used to waiting a long time for a reply. It becomes even worse when you consider that beautiful Russian women on these sites can receive a great many messages, and sometimes even in a single day. At least in the beginning, you should make sure to reply quickly, or might quite simply be forgotten among many other messages.

Also, bear in mind that women can receive a great many messages, and it’s perfectly alright to send a woman you’re interested in a little reminder about your message if you don’t receive a reply in six or seven days.

Match her letters

It’s absolutely unacceptable to receive a long letter from a woman and to reply with a couple of lines and is perhaps the best way to get that woman to lose interest in you completely. At the same time, if a woman prefers more frequent, but short messages, it would be a mistake to write her a long mail that will take her a great deal of time and effort to reply, and which may feel like a burden to her.

The best thing that you can do is to equal the length of the woman’s own messages. This way you pace your writing style to hers. Go for a chat or even a voice or video call if she’s interested in it, and if her level in the English language is adequate to this.

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Know the meaning of the word “romance”

This is the last but not by any chance the least important point. If you want to romance beautiful Russian women, you should actually be romantic. If you don’t have enough ideas on the subject, then the internet is full of romantic suggestions. But in short, show that you care and that you’re thinking of the person you hope to have a long term relationship with at regular intervals.

Send her a small message every day, or little online card, and even an occasional gift. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, otherwise a woman may feel you’re trying to buy her affections. A small but meaningful souvenir will do perfectly well. Sending her a bouquet is also a great idea – beautiful Russian women are extremely fond of flowers, and they are sure to appreciate a gesture like this. There are plenty of flower delivery services in every Russian city. Select the prettiest arrangement and add a little card with words of sincere appreciation.

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These are only a few tips on how to attract beautiful Russian girls on international dating sites. But there are no universal rules – your success or failure depends on many factors. But whatever it is, dating a Slavic girl is a wonderful experience you’re bound to enjoy.