Why do we want to test Russian brides and how to do that?

Each westerner is fascinated by Eastern European women and values, without an exaggeration. Not all of us have practiced Russian dating, but the majority were acquainted with at least one Russian female.

We know they have wonderful personalities, a wide spectrum of interests, a complete set of strong principles when it comes to relationships, and physical appearance of the beauty queen.

When we see the highest quality, it’s natural to have doubts and check it twice. The most suspicious about Russian brides is that they are stunningly gorgeous and model-looking.

But men who visited Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, already know that each second woman there is super feminine, and amazingly beautiful. It wasn’t like that in Soviet times by the way, when life was poorer.

modern Russian women’s culture

Even today, some girls keep on complaining about their hardships and daily challenges, yet they look very fashionable. It’s mostly thanks to qualitative second-hand stores, self-sewing, and big sales.

These facts already neutralize some negative myths about Russian beauties, we just need to see why some western men weren’t satisfied with their dating results. The explanation is below.

  • Some girls work in pair with commercial marital agencies. They may not receive their percent, but their data is often misused by their handlers. Make sure it’s not so.
  • Not all girls are from stable and classy families. There are some from the orphanages or broke families too. Their standards of behavior are lower, so ask about the background. 
  • There are either spoiled or desperate girls who try to trick people for gifts or pocket money, but as they say, they can still be touched by someone and fall in love for real.

In general, Russian women are very genuine and trustworthy, the exceptions can be avoided from the beginning. Use high-rated dating sites, research a girl’s biography, analyze her questions.

There are two frequent mistakes single men do though, which prevent them from enjoying the communication with real women in Russia. There’s no need in such mistakes, life can be easier.

Beginners in Russian dating tend to ignore all possibilities of meetings at all, being afraid to try new risky things, while experienced daters develop a too complicating and stressful system of checking.

Russian girls are created for love, and men should greatly benefit from that, instead of being preoccupied. A common sense is enough for keeping safe, so do not cut yourself from pleasure.

The pros of Russian girls that differ them from the others

When the basic obstacles and low-quality girls are weeded out, it’s time to fully enjoy real Russian personalities and their unique advantages. You won’t find them anywhere else!

Let’s start from typical Russian erudition and their serious attitude towards the education. This part is often skipped by western females. But sexy girls in Russia seem to have a wide spectrum

It’s certainly a heritage of old communistic times when erudite people were highly valued. Intellectual documentaries, TV shows for smarty-pants, magazines with quizzes, all that is still in fashion.

meet a girl in Russia

Russian nation is the nation of readers and poets, it’s a proven fact. Maybe for someone it isn’t a considerable bonus to Eastern European beauty, but for many, it is. Clever heads are double sexier!

Also, Russian women never give up their family values, hospitality, and outstanding care. Maybe it isn’t as intense as in Mexico, but you can easily notice these honorable traits of a Russian girl.

Their beloved is a very first person they spread their care over. Cooking for him, ironing his clothes, making sure he feels comfortable, all that comes natural to Russian brides and is in their genes.

However, they express that in the most graceful way and quite elegantly, without turning into mommies or slaves. Women in Russia are many-sided and combine their household duties with other talents.

It’s practically impossible to meet a girl in Russia who wouldn’t be into sports and bright interesting hobbies, since the earliest age. They swim, dance, skate, play musical instruments.

All these hobbies cost just the little money in Russia and Ukraine, so even girls from poor families can afford them. There are no teens who would be bored to death and fell into bad habits due to boredom.

Unlike western women, Russian girls do not imagine their life without marriage, absolutely. Doesn’t matter how much the feminism, child-free and man-free attitudes are promoted.

Although they already accept the concept of hookups, which would be a nonsense during Soviet times, they always cherish a dream to get married deep inside their hearts. It’s their main project in life.

Another amazing advantage of Russian women is that they never skip the duty to look neat and feminine at home. They brush their hair often, wear the home shoes with small heels, cute home dresses.

The lingerie is a special topic in modern Russian women’s culture, girls are literally obsessed with the fanciest and sexiest designs of it. There is quite a collection in each female wardrobe.

Finally, their natural sensuality, it remains impressive too. Even the most urbanistic and cosmopolitan girls got something from Slav country women in them, having a high sex-drive.

In a combination with family values, it’s not bad at all. Thousands of men feel flattered and happy about such a treatment and a very special attitude. It’s definitely a good reason to take a chance too.

Can real Russian women be found online?

Although it’s easy to meet and date Russian beauties right in the nightclubs or on cultural events in Moscow and St. Petersburg, dating experts recommend getting acquainted online in advance.

There are many reasons for that. First of all, it’s your guarantee that you will get laid or get serious with some lady for sure. The choice is big, you receive their direct contacts, and they’re interested.

Secondly, Russian dating sites often offer quick booking of accommodation, transportation, or any other services. If not, they at least provide helpful links, also the girls can help with good options.

about Russian beauties

When you meet a girl at the nightclub, alcohol drinks are the only key to a girl’s favor. With not so positive results even. When you chat online, you can learn about her likes and bring a souvenir.

It usually helps to melt a girl’s heart and get her allowance faster, which is more pleasant when both of you are sober. You also learn about her background in case you have serious intentions.

If a girl you meet in a public place, is suspicious or fraudulent in any way, you have small chances to notice that in time, so the danger is bigger. She may work with the team of securities or waiters.

But when you correspond or chat online, you have enough possibilities to use your logic and intuition in order to analyze a girl’s life story, and her overall behavior. So, use this romantic tool confidently.