If you’ve been thinking of dating gorgeous Russian girls, one thing to remember is that the majority of Slavic ladies are extremely romantic by nature. Dating pretty Russian women online is a wonderful experience, but it gets even better when you bring it all down to real life.

They enjoy old fashioned courtship and approve of traditional gender roles. They like candlelit dinners, stargazing and going for long walk holding hands. So here are a few romantic date ideas to help you win your Russian darling’s heart. These ideas can be implemented either in your home country or during your visit to Russia.

Go on a food tour

It’s rather boring and kind of cliché to set up a date in a cafe or restaurant. People all over the world do the same things. If you’d like to demonstrate how original and romantic you are, invite your Russian girlfriend for a food tour.

You can either check out different options that are available in the city or design a brand new food tour on your own. Hopping from cafe to cafe to taste the most delicious desserts is a very romantic thing to do, don’t you think so? Gorgeous Russian girls are bound to love this idea, especially if they have a sweet tooth.

Watch a movie under the stars

If it’s a hot season and there is an open-air movie theatre in the city, don’t neglect the opportunity to set up a perfect date with your Russian sweetheart. If this option is not available, just borrow a projector and arrange a mini movie theatre in your own backyard.

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Sitting together and watching her favorite romantic movie under the stars is one of the most imaginative (and affordable!) ideas for a date with a Russian girl. Make sure to keep it in mind if you go on a first date with a lovely Russian girl. Both of you are going to cherish these memories for years to come.

Stargaze together

Looking at the stars together and telling each other about your dreams and aspirations is one more wonderful idea for an epic romantic date. Of course, most probably you’ll have to drive out of the city in order to be able to see the stars in the night sky, so make sure to choose a nice place well in advance.

Alternatively, you can visit an observatory. If you happen to date your Russian girlfriend in a smaller town, it’s possible that you’ll be able to see the stars even in the local park.

Go boating

Rent a boat in a park with a lake and enjoy the company of each other. Looking at the water surface is very pacifying pastime, and you can discuss any subject you wish with your Russian girlfriend. Talk about your dreams and aspirations, about your feelings for her, bout plans for the future, views on family and marriage, hobbies and interests, and what not. Don’t forget to take a picnic basket with you, so that the two of you can find a nice secluded place and share a lovely meal while boating.

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Watch a sunset or sunrise

Don’t miss the beauty of the sky painted with all sort of pastel shades when the sun sets or rises. If you go out in the evening, watch the sun setting majestically and bidding goodbye to the city. If you come back home after dancing your night out in a night club, watch the sun rising over the city and kissing the buildings gently with its gentle rays.

Visit an ice exhibition

If you happen to date one of the gorgeous Russian girls in winter, make sure to visit an ice exhibition. They are held annually in every large Russian city. the sculptures made of ice are marvelous, and the two of you are going to have a wonderful time.

It’s really like visiting a fairy tale where all the magic suddenly came true. Alternatively, go sledging, skiing, skating, or have a snowball fight. There are plenty of fun winter date ideas – it’s not necessary to hide from the cold and snow at home.

Go camping or hiking

Both these options are inexpensive, affordable and fun. You can either set up a tent or take a couple of sleeping bags. Make your way through the nearest forest or hillside, enjoy breathtaking landscapes and fresh air. Don’t forget to turn your smile settings on – bad mood is absolutely not allowed!

When it gets dark, set up a fire and fry sausages or marshmallows together, look at the stars, sing your favorite songs or have a lovely conversations. Spending the rest of the night is each other’s arms will certainly add to the charm of this date. Suburbs in Russia are very beautiful and picturesque, so don’t miss the opportunity to see this gorgeous country beyond the big cities.

Explore the city on bicycles

If the two of you are good cyclists, exploring the city on bikes is a marvelous idea. Chose the most interesting and preferably deserted places to ride, and enjoy the wind in your hair. Russian cities boast gigantic forest-like parks, so making your way through one of them is bound to be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Stop for a lunch or a quick snack at the street food stalls and enjoy the variety of Russian street eats. If you implement this idea in your home town, introduce some lovely snacks and desserts to your Russian girlfriend – she’ll like them, without a doubt.

Visit a summer festival

Even if you tend to avoid crowded and noisy places, make an exceptions for a summer festival. Usually these events are absolutely free, so you’ll get to enjoy the vibes without paying a cent. A good alternative to movie theatres, cafes and restaurants where gorgeous Russian girls expect you to pay the bill (according to dating etiquette in Eastern Europe, splitting the bill is not acceptable, or you’ll be labeled stingy and rude). Grab a blanket, a basket of delicious foods and a bottle of wine. Your date is all set up! Enjoy it along with the sounds of your favorite music.

Go to the local fruit market

You may wonder what so romantic about going to the market together. Well, fruits markets tend to exude special vibes. With cast array of colors, fragrances, textures, shapes and sizes, suburban fruit markets are the feast for the eyes. Take a lovely basket with you and fill it with all sorts of seasonal fruits and berries. Then treat your Russian girlfriend with your favorite goodies. Stop for a picnic on the way home.

Enjoy the variety of flowering plants in a botanical garden

The majority of gorgeous Russian girls are dedicated flower enthusiasts. They adore flowers, and you are expected to give them a lovely bouquet from time to time, whether on special occasions or without any particular reason.

But if you want to take this love for flowers on a whole new level, invite your Russian girlfriend to a botanical garden. Enjoy the blooms as you walk down the pretty lanes and talk about your favorite plants and trees.

If you have a garden of your own, share your gardening experience with her. Ask her whether she has a “dacha” – a lot of Russian families do have a plot of land outside the city where they grown some fruit trees, seasonal vegetables and lots of flowers.

Prepare a lovely dinner at home

If you’d like to impress your girlfriend with your culinary skills, prepare a delicious meal for her and set up a beautiful candlelit dinner at home. But keep in mind that the majority of gorgeous Russian girls are excellent cooks, so you’ll have to put your best effort.

Romantic date ideas when courting gorgeous Russian girls

Play some nice romantic music, and select a movie both of you enjoy. She’s sure to appreciate your efforts. You can even propose to her when she finishes her first and second course, and is about to taste the dessert. There is nothing like a cosy and peaceful atmosphere at home to convince her to say yes.

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These are only several ideas on how to set up a lovely date your Russian girlfriend will remember for years to come. Feel free to come up with romantic ideas of your own. After all, you know more your girlfriend’s likes and dislikes, personal preferences and dreams. Don’t be afraid to fail – in the end of the day, it’s really the thought that counts. Best of luck!