It’s no secret that Eastern European girls are considered an excellent wife material Otherwise, why would men from all over the globe come to Slavic countries looking for beautiful Russian brides? They should have a strong motivation for doing so, right? A typical Russian woman’s appearance is one of the reasons that make a western man search for a Slavic wife. An Eastern European type of beauty is legendary. However, when foreigners actually visit Russia, they discover that only a minority of girls in the country have a typical Slavic appearance. Here you can easily find a Russian Asian girl, for example.

The country is vast, and it would be ridiculous to expect that all the women represent only one racial type. So if you tend to appreciate Asian type of appearance in females, check out international dating sites for Asian women in the cities of Russian Federation. You’ll be surprised at how many search results you’re going to get.

Meet a Russian Asian girl for dating and marriage on a dating site

But why would you do that if you can simply look for a bride in one of the countries of Asia – Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia? Well, the thing is, Asian looking ladies in Russia possess all the character traits of Eastern European brides: they are family oriented, well educated, intelligent, loving, witty, purposeful and wise. It won’t take you long to make out the difference between an average Asian looking girl from Russia and indigenous person from Southeast Asia.

What regions of Russia should you focus upon?

When looking for a Russian Asian girl, you should keep in mind that Russia is a gigantic country with a massive population. Generally speaking, when foreign men is looking for a ride in Eastern Europe, they tend to focus upon major cities like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Novosibirsk and so on. And that’s understandable – when you come to a new country, it’s only wise to choose destinations with well developed tourist infrastructure.

But the thing is, there are so many regions of Russia to explore if you’re determined to find an Asian looking wife: Tatarstan, Yakutia, Udmurtia, Mordoovia and so on. It goes without saying that you can find representatives of these ethnic groups in major Russian cities, but if you actually explore a particular region, the chances to find a compatible person according to your specifications will multiply. So here are some of the regions you can start with:


If you’re not scared of severe Siberian frosts, it’s highly recommended to visit Yakutia. The country is relatively large in terms of territory, but its population is scarce because of harsh climatic conditions. The women of this region are known as excellent wives and devoted mothers. They are patient, strong willed and incredibly kind-hearted.


Tatarstan is an interesting that’s definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for a Russian Asian girl. Its capital Kazan should be your first priority when planning a trip to Tatarstan – the city is extremely rewarding in many aspects – beautiful architecture, plenty of accommodation options, delicious local cuisine, and, of course, beautiful and sophisticated Asian looking women. Girls in Kazan are brought up to value family relations, respect elders and prioritize marriage and motherhood over career.


Girls from Chuvashia are not very different from women of Tatarstan, and the same can be said about ladies form other regions close by – Udmurtia, Bashkiria and Mordovia.

Asian Russian girls looking for husbands and boyfriends abroad

Getting acquainted with a Russian Asian girl

Generally speaking, the best way to meet a woman whose geographical location is so far from yours is to join an international dating site. There are plenty of websites that offer matchmaking services, both free and paid. When you choose a site, it’s highly recommended to go for the one with a large database of women’s profiles – this way you’ll have more chances to meet the woman of your dreams.

Also, make sure there is a good search tool in place. With so many women’s profiles, it’s no easy task to search for someone according to your likings. With a well designed search tool you can specify a lot of aspects to get the best possible results. Point out a woman’s place of living, education, occupation, marital status, number of kids, religion and so on.

A good security system is one more criteria to take into account when choosing a dating site in order to find a Russian Asian girl. Falling for a scam is no rare thing when looking for a bride online, and if you feel something like that can happen to you, it’s better to be able to ask for help. Reputable websites with paid membership always provide a good support system, and an experienced administrator will gladly help you out.

Alternatively, you can make a trip to one of the cities in Russia where you’re more likely to met Asian looking girls. Instead of approaching them randomly on the streets, in the parks, public transport and restaurants, perhaps you would prefer to visit a local marriage agency and ask them to assist you. Usually there are plenty of Russian women for marriage who don’t mind going for a date with a foreign man. This way it will be easier for you to meet local women.

Getting to know Russian Asian girls

But before you meet any Russian Asian girl, perhaps you should learn more about these women in order to keep your expectations realistic. If you have a wrong idea about a typical girl from Russia with Asian appearance, it will be rather heartbreaking to find it out after you wasted a great deal of time and money.

Asian girls from Russia looking ofr romance and marriage with foreign men

External looks

Girls in Russia tend to prioritize their appearance, and Asian looking women are no exception. Just like a typical Eastern European lady, an Asian looking girl is stylish, elegant, sophisticated, and, simply put, gorgeous. These girls are great at self-care, and you can hardly see them without makeup and stylish hair-do.

They keep slim by working out and jogging in the local parks, and their daily outfits are nothing short of charming. Even if their financial possibilities are not that great, they will manage to look presentable and even luxurious.

They are not tall compared to Russian woman with Slavic appearance, so if your own height is medium or less, you’ll make a good couple. As for their facial features, they’re typically Asian – high cheek bones, slanting eyes, darker skin tones. Their hair is usually black, thick and glossy. If this description sounds like a type of appearance you’d prefer your wife to have, you’re looking in the right direction.

Character traits

Just like any woman from Eastern Europe, a typical Russian Asian girl is extremely family oriented. After the age of twenty she will actively look for a husband or at least hope to meet someone special and start a loving and strong family with him. Having kids is also a priority for these women – they don’t imagine a personal happiness without being a mother.

They are also very homely – creating a cosy and pleasant atmosphere at home and keeping their house neat and clean is not a burden for them, but a source of pride. They are happy when every family member feels comfortable and relaxed at home.

Devotion and loyalty are also some of their major character traits. It’s highly unlikely a Russian Asian girl will cheat on you or leave you after a couple of years of marriage. With a woman like this, you can be sure you’ll have a loving family no matter what.

The majority of Asian looking women in Russia are also very intelligent – they get educated in prestigious colleges and universities, and read a lot since they are very small. Having a clever and educate wife is a blessing – you’ll always have someone to ask for advice or to discuss any subject under the sun.

These were only some thoughts on finding Russian Asian women when looking for a wife on international dating sites. Don’t give up easily in case of failure and make sure to try again – a woman of your dreams is worth taking some effort. All the best!