If you’ve recently registered on an international dating site, you might be wondering why there are so many gorgeous Russian women looking for love abroad. They are beautiful, smart, accomplished and a pleasure to talk to, so how can it be that they have trouble finding suitors in their immediate surroundings?

Why would a stunning Slavic lady reach out so far in searches for dating, romance and marriage? Perhaps it seems a bit suspicious to you, but the truth is, there are several logical explanations to why Russian women are looking for love in other countries.

First of all, in the world of today there is nothing strange or unnatural in searching for a partner on the internet. It’s the question of broadening one’s horizons. In the age of technological advancement no longer we have to be restricted by limited possibilities of our immediate surroundings.

If we fail to find a decent partner locally, we reach out to other regions in our own country, in other countries, across the globe. The world is growing increasingly smaller, and we can no longer be stopped by geographical borders. According to statistics, every single woman in Russia considered a marriage with a foreign man at least once in her life.

Russian women looking for love and marriage on  international  dating sites

Financial considerations aren’t a priority when looking for a partner

A lot of western men suspect that Russian women are merely driven by materialistic considerations when looking for a partner abroad. While it’s true that standards of livings are higher in the USA, Australia, Canada or Western Europe, economic situation is not that desperate in Russia anymore, and it’s possible to earn a decent living in Eastern Europe.

A lot of Eastern European brides are exceedingly accomplished, well educated and intelligent, and they succeed in different professional fields. If they wanted to move abroad solely for the sake of better earnings, they would have searched for job offers and go abroad on work visa.

However, when you Russian women looking for love on dating sites, it means they are really looking for love, affection, partnership and companionship with a decent man abroad. Slavic girls are extremely family oriented, and no career can be more important for them than being mothers ad wives. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy with local men for a number of reasons.

It’s not easy to find a decent partner locally

Unfortunately, for an average Russian woman finding a decent partner in her homeland is a daunting task. There are approximately ten million fewer men than women in Russia, and it’s also hard to find a man who doesn’t abuse alcohol and take responsibility for his family’s financial wellbeing.

An average man knows that he’ll easily find a new partner, simply because there are more women than men in the country, so he doesn’t have to take trouble courting a lady and making himself agreeable in any way. Women often choose to divorce because a lonely life is much more preferable to life with a man who has neither respect nor consideration for his wife.

Women of the previous generation tolerated this behaviour for many decades, but contemporary girls know they deserve better treatment. That’s why Russian women looking for love abroad are so numerous on dating sites. And they do find their happiness in other counties. Foreign men flock to Russia in searches for feminine, kind-hearted, understanding and family oriented women, and those are exactly the qualities Slavic girls have to offer in abundance.

If they can’t be appreciated by local men, they will definitely be appreciated elsewhere. Eastern European women are excellent wives and devoted mothers, and with a partner like that a man can be sure to have a strong and loving family for decades to come.

Find Russian women looking for love with foreign men on dating sites

What do Russian women expect from their foreign partners?

Well, intercultural and international marriages have their own peculiarities – it goes without saying. But generally speaking, Russian women expect the same things every normal human being expects when tying the knot – love, understanding, respect, affection, care and support. Needless to say, they are ready to give the same in return. Apart from that, expectations of women of different ages may vary. Let’s discuss this question in more detail.

Young girls’ expectations

The majority of Young Russian women looking for love are charmed with the idea of romantic, eternal love. Since they are very small, these girls start dreaming of prince charming and their big wedding day with a white dress and lots of guests. In Eastern Europe they tend to get married young, and it’s not uncommon for a twenty year old girl to have a husband and even a child.

By the age of twenty five, the majority of women are already mothers, or at least hope to be so in the nearest future. Even if they have a disastrous experience of being in a relationship with a local man, they still believe in true love and hope to find a decent man to start a family. What a young Russian women expects from a foreign man is a lot of romantic dates, old-fashioned courtship, gentleman-like behaviour and butterfly in the stomach.

If you’d like to have a very exciting and rewarding experience of dating Russian women online, go for a young girl. By the way, Russian women for marriage don’t mind dating a foreign man who is ten, fifteen and sometimes even twenty years older. Age gap is not a problem when there is mutual understanding and lots of common interests between the two people. Of course, you’re supposed to be energetic, physically fit and young in heart if you intend to date a girl who is so much younger.

30-year old Russian women’s views on relationships

When you start a romantic relationship with a woman in her late twenties or early thirties, you can be sure she’s seriously intended to get married and dedicate her life to her family. If you’re not sure you want to start a family, don’t waste her time – it wouldn’t be ethical.

Meet beautiful and intelligent Russian ladies for dating, love and marriage

Even if she’s pursuing her career, she’s ready to leave it for the sake of making a comfortable home for her kids and a husband. If you’re not going to become a father, you’d better let a woman of this age know about your life choices well in advance.

If a divorced thirty-year-old woman already has a child from her previous marriage, she’ll be looking not only for a life partner for herself, but also for a loving father for her kid. If you’re not ready for such responsibility, be honest with a woman you talk to on a dating site. And of course, a Russian woman of any age doesn’t cease to be interested in romance, love, something magical and really special between her and her partner.

Dating mature Russian women

Mature Russian ladies in their forties shouldn’t be ignored when you look for a Russian bride either. They are still astonishingly beautiful, stylish and charming, and dating a woman like that is a wonderful experience you’ll really enjoy.

In most cases, forty-year-old ladies already have grown up kids and are not interested in becoming mothers anymore. So when you see mature Russian women looking for love on international dating sites, you can be sure they are looking solely for a decent partner to have a long lasting relationship with.

You won’t have to bring up their children or become a father of an infant once again in life. With a mature Slavic woman you can enjoy living an interesting and fulfilling life pursuing your own interests. You can travel together, visit different places, make a beautiful garden near your house, create a special atmosphere at home, and engage in various interesting projects and so on.

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These were just a few thoughts on Russian women looking or love in other countries. You get to know them better when talking to them online. And a visit to Russian will help you put points over i. All the best in your searches!