Dating Slavic women online is a very rewarding experience. Otherwise, why would international dating sites have such gigantic databases? If you’ve recently started using a matchmaking service, you’re probably overwhelmed with all the pretty Russian girls over there looking for a husband abroad. However, making the right choice is a challenging task, especially if you’re an older man. Should you go for young girls or mature women?

Young Russian women don’t mind dating older western men

Meet Pretty Russian girls for long distance relationships and online dating

Generally speaking, Slavic girls are rather relaxed when it comes to age difference with their partners. Girls date foreign men who are ten or fifteen years older than them, and this can be easily explained. First of all, girls in Russia are more mature and responsible than guys of the same age. They start thinking of a family when they are very young.

Early marriages are still common in this part of Eastern Europe. Generally speaking, a girl is supposed to get married while she’s still in her college or shortly after graduation. The older a woman gets, the more difficult it is to find a partner. Men are spoiled for choice in Russia, and they go for younger girls.

At the same time, marrying an older Russian man is not an option either – the majority of Slavic males lose their looks and health by the age of thirty five. This is due to alcohol abuse, extensive smoking and bad eating habits. So a beautiful, smart and accomplished young woman would rather find a foreign man in order to start a long lasting romantic relationship.

Western men are known for healthier life style, pleasant looks and better attitude towards Eastern European brides. Here they definitely have an advantage over their Russian counterparts, and that’s why a typical Slavic woman doesn’t mind dating an older foreign man.

Going for younger girls are not always wise

It goes without saying that dating pretty Russian girls might appear very tempting. However, you should consider your aims and make them a priority. If your aim is to start a lifelong relationship based upon mutual respect, understanding and support, lots of factors should be taken into consideration. Here are some of them.

It’s not easy to keep up with a young girl

Unless you’re bursting with energy and vitality, it’s rather difficult to keep up with a young person. If she wants to spend a weekend climbing mountains, and you would rather spend a peaceful day reading or gardening after an exhausting week at work, it’s not going to work out in the long run. If she feels like dancing her night out in the local nightclub and you can’t join her, there are going to be problems.

A young woman will definitely want to have kids

If your children are grown up, and you’ve left all the troubles associated with parenting behind, you should think twice before marrying one of the pretty Russian girls. Russian women for marriage take motherhood very seriously, and there is no way a young girl wouldn’t consider having a child. Personal happiness is impossible for an average Eastern European woman if she’s not a wife and a mother.

Find a pretty Russian girl or attractive woman over forty on a dating site

Advantages of dating a mature Russian lady

Before you jump into conclusions, browse through the profiles of mature Russian ladies on a dating site. You’ll find that they hardly differ from their younger counterparts where appearance is concerned. Women over forty in Russia are still good-looking, slim and appealing.

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An average Russian female make sure to take a good care over her health and external looks, and the results of this attitude are nothing short of admirable. But let’s talk about other advantages of dating mature women compared to pretty Russian girls:

Women over forty are more balanced and composed

A mature Russian lady is less likely to get frantic when unusual situation occurs. She’s already seen a lot in her life and she knows how to deal with consequences of a particular situation. She’s also learned a great deal about her own reactions, and easier for her to handle her emotions.

If you’re the kind of men who appreciate a balanced personality and stability in a romantic relationship, you’d better go for a mature Eastern European lady. It’s highly unlikely you’ll have t deal with her mood swings and overblown emotions.

They are not likely to play games

Get acquainted with a pretty Russian girl for love and romance

If a woman over forty uploads her profile on an international dating site, it means she’s genuinely interested i n starting a romantic relationship with a foreign man. She knows exactly what she wants in life, and she’s not likely to play games. She wouldn’t date a man out of curiosity or boredom. She wouldn’t give fake promises.

A forty-year-old woman won’t waste her time communicating with a wrong person. By this age she already knows what sort of character traits she would like to find in her soul mate. If she talks to you, writes you letters, and goes for Skype dates with you, she’s undoubtedly consider a possibility to spend the rest of her life with you.

Mature ladies appreciate men for what they are

Quite a lot of pretty Russian girls have wrong reasons when looking for a partner. They are inexperienced and easily influenced by mass media and friends. Very often a young Russian woman is looking for a husband who would offer her a better lifestyle and material possessions.

And while it’s absolutely natural to search for a husband who is financially secure, but his bill paying ability shouldn’t be the only criteria. A mature woman knows it very well. A man’s personality traits are all important for her.

As a rule, she is looking for someone kind-hearted, open-minded, down-to-earth, family oriented, caring and understanding. Material possessions come and go, but a reliable and trustworthy partner in life is something to treasure for all times.

They are willing to solve problems

Romantic relationships never go smooth from beginning to end, and pretty Russian women often get inpatient and fed up with problems that are bound to occur. They would rather quit than try to find a solution and make things work. Mature women, on the contrary, have learnt a few lessons in life and they know that nothing comes easy, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you want thing to work, you have to make them work. Slavic women are especially tough as they’ve had to deal with demanding local men, changing economic conditions and other difficulties. They know that nothing comes for granted.

Forty-year-old women are more relaxed with physical intimacy

If you date a Russian woman in her late thirties, forties or even fifties, physical intimacy is bound to be one of the most rewarding aspects of your relationship. Pretty Russian girls are not always comfortable with having sexual intercourse before they date you for a certain period of time. There are also young women who do not have sex at all before getting married.

As for mature ladies, they are not influenced by social programming to that extent. If they genuinely like you, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have to postpone a physical aspect of your relationship. Having sex from the very beginning of a romantic relationship is a great option for older partners as both of you won’t have to waste time if you turn out to be sexually incompatible.

These are only a few thoughts on whether you should date pretty Russian girls or women over forty. Of course, we can’t give general recommendations where love and romance is concerned. Each story is different, and the rules may not apply to yours. What you need to do is listen to your heart and act accordingly. Some younger girls are as smart, mature and experienced as any older lady. At the same time, a woman in her forties can turn out to be flirty and judgemental. It’s all depends on a person.