My name is Caroline. I’m an 18-year-old girl who is about to finish high school. My favorite book is The Carrie Diaries (written by Candace Bushnell), partly because my name is also Caroline, and partly because I think pure love can only be found when we are still young. I’ve used many best dating apps for teens over the years and I’d like to write about them here today.

º1 Brilic

As a popular girl at school, I don’t lack options when it comes to dating and relationships. But I do believe in dating up – I’m not particularly interested in dating boys of my age because most boys of my age aren’t experienced, established and rich enough. I’m more interested in meeting men who are older than me (just like Carrie Bradshaw’s dating preference) because older men can show me the world and give me the lifestyle that I always wanted. Luckily, I’ve found an older man on Brilic dating app – the most trusted dating app for teens. Now our relationship is satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling.

º2 Spotafriend

I joined Spotafriend a few years ago when I was looking for friends rather than lovers. This app works pretty well in this regard, and I certainly converted some of these friends into lovers over the years. Initially, I met a few 15-year-old boys when I was also 15 years old, and then one year later, I hooked up with them. I think Spotafriend dating app is a good place to get started in the teen dating department. Also, it’s very cheap to join and use. Many of my friends have tried this app and they all love it.

º3 Meet & Chat for Girls and Guys

Users on this dating app are between 17 and 19 years of age, so it’s a good dating app to meet people in the same demographic. My best friend met her boyfriend on Meet & Chat for Girls and Guys last year and now they are still dating – life is good for her now. Therefore, I’d like to highly recommend this dating app to other teenagers between 17 and 19 years old – this is the perfect age to try a relationship and learn all the skills in the dating department before you actually want something serious later in your life.

º4 Teen Dating

Teen Dating is a dating app for teenagers between 17 and 19. It’s a pretty decent app for this age group because its platform is simple, straightforward and inexpensive. I tried this app when I was 17 years old and loved it. My classmate also used this app to find a girlfriend and it was an outstanding experience for him as well. I have to say that real dating (true love) only exists before we finish school because once we go to university, we will begin to consider dating sugar daddies and sugar mommas who can pay our tuition fees so that we don’t need to have student loans after graduation. After graduation, the real adult will begin to look for a husband or a wife and start a family – that’s more stressful than pure dating because love only represents 33% of a marriage (pleasure represents 33% of a marriage; money represents 33% of a marriage; serendipity represents 1% of a marriage).

º5 Moco

Moco dating app is a unique dating product for everyone, including teenagers like me. I really love this dating platform because it has a lot of Latinos and African Americans – I like the diversity of this app. I met a guy who looks like Will Smith on this app a while ago. Although that relationship didn’t work out, I still think it was a great relationship. The quality of daters on Moco dating app is very high in general, so I don’t have any negative comments on it.

º6 Seeking

Because I’m going to university soon, I don’t want to have student debt. That’s why I joined Seeking dating app. As my current relationship is actually an open relationship, my boyfriend doesn’t mind it. Therefore, I’ve met several potential sugar daddies on Seeking dating app which is the biggest sugar daddy dating app in the world. Having a sugar daddy means having a head start over other university students, for I won’t need to worry about personal finances in the future and can focus on my study at university. My goal is to get a media degree and then become a media relations manager in a big company. But if I find a generous sugar daddy, I will probably start my own media relations company and become my own boss because the sugar daddy can become my investor or sponsor.

º7 Millionaire Match

Sometimes I think it’s also quite important to find someone who can marry me when I’m 21 or 22 years old because after a certain age, my negotiation power will decrease. As a young woman, I can marry more money. But as time goes by, my value will decrease in rich men’s eyes, so it’s better to meet potential life-long sponsors when I still have lots of time. That’s why I joined Millionaire Match dating app to look for a future husband. I’ve dated two men from this upscale dating app and I think they are both pretty good because they are millionaire men. Now it’s just a matter of who is a better candidate for my future wealthy marriage.

º8 InviteTravel

InviteTravel is a travel dating app. Because I don’t want to join a Contiki tour which is more expensive than using a travel dating app for teens, I think InviteTravel is a much better option. By the way, Contiki is a company which organizes travel services for people between 18 and 35 years old. If you are over 35, you can’t join their trips anymore. But my cousin went to Australia through Contiki and she told me it’s not luxurious enough for her (my cousin is 34 years old and she used to fly first class and stay at five-star hotels previously, so for her, a Contiki tour isn’t upscale enough & its price can’t justify its services). That’s why my cousin told me to use InviteTravel dating app instead. I’m pretty sure she is right based on the results that I’ve got on this travel dating app for teens.

º9 Tourbar

Tourbar is another travel dating app that I’ve enjoyed. I’m actually very well-travelled compared to other teenagers because I’ve been to many places already – Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, the UK and Ireland. Using Tourbar has helped me to further expand my outlook and broaden my horizon while travelling overseas. It’s totally worth it.

º10 Tinder

Tinder dating app is apparently the most well-known dating product in the world, but it’s not the most useful one in my opinion. It’s not very helpful for teen dating, but it’s not too bad either. So, I’m listing it as No. 10 best dating app for teens here. To be fair, it’s quite mediocre, but its database is the biggest in the world. Since it’s the godfather of all dating apps, I’d like to acknowledge Tinder for its contribution to human beings in the 21st century.