How to pickup online sexy Russian girls?

There are only a few western singles who never travelled to Russia, at least of curiosity. Some have business projects there, some want to visit Kremlin, but the strongest magnet is Russian beauties .

Although Eastern European women and especially classy Moscow girls make perfect wives, it’s not a secret that tourists prefer no-strings-attached relationships and short casual affairs.

Slavic females’ sexiness is ideal for bright vacations, and very often, it grows into something bigger. But how to attract those hotties at all, and how to strengthen the new communication?

How to pickup

Dating experts collected the most efficient ways to do that. Beginners in Russian dating can be sure they will be noticed and appreciated by beautiful Russia women, as soon as they contact them.

  • Personalized greeting . Just like western men, Russian girls also like to be greeted personally, without the feeling that a message is automatic or copied and pasted.
  • Personalized compliments . It happens that men send the sentence about beautiful eyes to all women, since it matches with any photos. Try to mention only this girl’s advantage.
  • Don’t get naughty too soon . We love Russian women exactly for their high standards and conservative values, so do not get vulgar with them in the very first messages.
  • Open big perspectives . Many women are disappointed by westerners who don’t bring any changes to their life. Give a detailed description of your city, house, work, travels.
  • Do not postpone the meeting . Try to meet in real as soon as possible, at least start discussing that. Otherwise, a girl may conclude you’re not serious or not interested.
  • Do not imply the negative stuff . It’s depressing to see how a man recalls his failures with other women, or suspects that a girl is the scammer, without reasons. Keep calm.
  • Test a girl with caution . It’s normal that you ask questions, check things, verify some of her actions, but do not hover too much, let her breath, otherwise a girl will be stressed.

These are some of the basic principles of proper treating a Russian girl to make her excited and willing to go further. Using common sense, this list can be continued and one’ success increased.


Top ways to save the money in Russia

Tourists always follow travel blogs and try to use all possible discounts on their way. So why should it be any different in travel dating ? Russia is a perfect place for low-budget dating.

For sure, proud and majestic Moscow is one of the most expensive places in the world. But it can be said about many capitals. Even St. Petersburg is already way cheaper, and this tendency remains.

The top solution for smart travelers is to avoid fancy five-star nightclubs and discos. Firstly, the bill doubles when waiters see a foreigner, and secondly, you’ll mostly meet costly escort girls there .

Choose rock clubs for youth and you’ll become a number one person there. It’s an unusual advice but it always pays off. Recall your youth and wear the most rock-style clothes you can find.

Teens will be excited to make selfies with you, discuss the rock-music if they speak English, and finally, one of those lollipop girls may get interested in you sexually. Completely for free!

Another way to hookup cheaply is to find a single mom online and set up the meeting with her. This category of Russian women is much less demanding than typical young Barbie girls.

Unlike in the US, single mothers in Russia are happy with even the littlest signs of attention, and the smallest support. In other words, bring a box of Lego to her kid, and she’ll gladly go out with you.

Hookuping a girl in Russia

Do not underestimate businesswomen in Russia either. It’s a growing category and many of these successful ladies are single. They find dating a foreign very prestigious, including brief hookups.

Since the audience in VIP nightclubs is unpredictable, and not always decent, better meet mature Russian women in advance on cougar dating apps and elite online platforms. It’s your best guarantee.

It’s also easier to hook up older Russian ladies since they are experienced in sex, open-minded, and normally not obsessed with the idea of getting married or relocating. Things keep them in Russia.

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Why are Eastern European girls the best lovers?

It’s not accidental that men from the West and Europe prefer Slavic women. Their beauty is iconic, and most importantly, all-natural. They have refined and classical facial features and shapes.

In many countries of Eastern Europe and especially Russia, girls are organically passionate since there aren’t hypocrite restrictions or feministic tendencies. They just love being girly and feminine.

Hookuping a girl in Russia brings a fresh feeling of conquering a beauty, of being respected and cared about. Russian women indeed enjoy making sure their man is satisfied, and doing the best for him.

Comparing to their western peers, girls in Russia aren’t spoiled at all, they are happy with little things. It helps men to relieve the stress since they finally don’t owe anything to anyone, just enjoy intimacy.

If to be romantic enough, it is possible to get a short-time or a long-term lover in Russia without additional efforts. Thousands of success stories from western men travelers are proving it’s really so.