At a time when Western women fought hard for gender equality, abandoning courtship and knightly worship, the borders of Russian Federation were really closed. After their “dissolution” a flood of people eager to get acquainted with the interesting Russian girls, their culture and history poured. Foreigners returned to their homeland stunned, and not only by their interesting in such closed country, but also by their impressions of Russian women. They turned out to be attractive, beautiful, tender and somewhat naive. In addition, they knew how to perfectly manage the economy.

What are they gorgeous Russian girls

Not surprisingly, longing for true femininity, foreign men took with them gorgeous Russian girls. Demand for a “new product” quickly became popular, for the sake of which there appeared marriage agencies specializing in the search for gorgeous Russian brides for foreigners. Russian women are very strong in spirit and character, so they can adapt to life anywhere. Neither lack of legal literacy nor knowledge of a foreign language frightens them. Russian women believe that they can overcome everything. Some of them, even after breaking up with their foreign brides or husbands, do not go home, but successfully develop a career and personal life abroad.

Over the past ten years, every second marriage with a gorgeous Russian girls for foreign suitors has become successful. The largest number of Russian brides goes for their grooms to America, Britain, Germany, Turkey. According to studies conducted by sociologists, recently, marriages between Russian girls and Western men are stronger than with compatriots. Even considering the difference in mentality, only 20% of international marriages break up.

What attracts foreigners to gorgeous Russian girls

What attracts in gorgeous Russian women? Let us dwell first of all on the house. The Russian wife loves to cook, care for her husband and home; she does not have sharp and deep feminist views. In the Russian language there is a saying that you can melt the heart of a man by acting on the stomach. The ability of Russian women to satisfy the desires of foreigners, to create comfort and a pleasant atmosphere is greatly appreciated by foreign grooms. Western women are reluctant to spend their time on household chores; they consider it hard work. Therefore, most often they hire housekeepers who are not loved by Russian wives, since they are very jealous of their things and home, they do not want to see strangers in their apartment.

The external attractiveness of gorgeous Russian women

Now about the exterior. Even sophisticated European women, who are rightly considered the trendsetters of fashion and style, do not devote much time and attention to their image, preferring light negligence in their hair, style and makeup. Most of them do not torture themselves with sports, do not sit on a diet to look perfect. Gorgeous Russian girls are ready for anything for the sake of attractiveness and beauty.

Gorgeous Russian wife manages to do hair and make-up while her husband is still sleeping. She will never walk at home, and even more so on the street in a stretched tracksuit. Women from Russia, even in the most difficult times, do not forget about romance and love. Therefore, it is easy for them to please even just a compliment or a bunch of flowers.

What husbands are looking for gorgeous Russian girls

Most often, Germans fall in love with gorgeous Russian brides, appreciating their rich emotional spectrum and homeliness. The latter quality is loved in Norway and Sweden, where the women there do not burden themselves with household chores. Italians adore the tenderness and sincerity, spontaneity and impartiality of Russian beauties. Gorgeous Russian ladies distinguish among the best husbands of the Spaniards and the British. Having married a Muslim or Catholic, our women convert to Islam and Catholicism, becoming happy darlings.

Gorgeous Russian girls are unindifferent in marrying a foreigner

How to meet gorgeous Russian brides

Gorgeous Russian women can be safely called one of the riches of the country: in the world, they are valued no less than oil and gas from the bowels of a vast homeland. Slavic beauty conquers not only the catwalks, but also the hearts of the most enviable suitors.

The ratio of men and women in Russia is not in favor of the latter. There are 10.8 million more women than men are, and the shortage of the stronger sex is especially acute in the age category 40+. But there are countries in which the situation is the opposite: in China, the ratio of men to women is 51.3% compared to 48.7%, respectively. The fair sex is not enough in Cyprus, Norway, Turkey, Iceland. There are sorely lacking women in India and Cuba.

A few years ago, there was a study to find out how gorgeous Russian brides relate to interethnic marriages. Then 70% considered marriage of two Russian people more preferable. A calm position was observed in relation to alliances with representatives of other Slavic peoples, as well as with Europeans and Americans. Less than half of respondents approve of marriages with residents of the Caucasus, Arabs, and representatives of the peoples of Central Asia. However, even then, sociologists have noted that people are becoming more tolerant. More people has positive view about mixed families.

Famous men and their gorgeous Russian wives

Such world stars as Enrique Iglesias (life partner Anna Kournikova), Bradley Cooper (lives and raises a child with supermodel Irina Sheik), Adrian Brody (girl Lara Lieto, aka Larisa Tyaka), Prince Ernst also acquired Russian wives and girlfriends. August Hannover (wife – designer Ekaterina Malysheva). Leonardo DiCaprio admitted that the strongest nature he knew was his Russian grandmother. Pierre Richard is sure that Russian men “live in the rose garden” and do not understand their happiness. In a word, there are enough admirers of the fair sex from Russia in the world.

What do foreign grooms want from gorgeous Russian brides

Why are they so persistently, and sometimes recklessly, foreigners embarking on the search for Russian brides? What is a gorgeous Russian wife for them?

They all want the same thing: youth, sexuality, beauty, education, femininity and … tolerance! One of them saw on the example of another (relative, friend, colleague or neighbor) how attractive a gorgeous Russian wife might seem. Someone had read and seen enough photos on numerous dating sites before dumbfound and simply cannot believe that all these beauties want to marry him. Someone has been to Russia on business and cannot forget the thrill of the sheer number of attractive women who just walk the streets of Russian cities. Foreign men have either experienced or heard from others that gorgeous Russian girls are interested in marrying a foreigner and are easily accessible.

Gorgeous Russian women listen to a man

Gorgeous Russian women are beautiful, patient and smart

Gorgeous Russian women have a special feature – they listen to a man. Nobody knows if they always hear what he says but they listen for sure. At the very beginning, they listen attentively, with “wide eyes”, naive trust and this very desire to believe everything that a man would not say.

Few lived abroad for a long time; few people know how it really is there. Just take a word! Moreover, if the Russian man had carried the same nonsense, the Russian woman would have immediately calculated it and put it in place in an instant. How – experience and an innate mind. But foreigners believe. I want to believe.

For the most part, gorgeous Russian women are able to communicate beautifully and sexually: they look in the eyes, almost always enter the direct physical space of a man, i.e. they do not withdraw, but, on the contrary, try to get as close to the man as possible, while talking, they lightly touch the person they are talking to. They know how to smile charmingly and do it very often, at the beginning of a meeting they are usually in a good mood. Beautiful body movements, natural grace, elegance of manners, understatement, sometimes embarrassment, a promise of more – all this drives a man crazy.

Gorgeous Russian women are interested in the affairs and cares of men. They do not ask difficult questions, they don’t ask much at all … All this makes the man feel that the woman is well with him and she agrees with everything. If a woman has doubts, she, as a rule, does not voice them. She goes to forums and seeks answers from other compatriots. Often a woman is poorly proficient in a foreign language, so a man is deceived into expressing “body language.”