You might have heard or read that the famous people, including Hollywood celebrities, really like dating and even marrying the Russian ladies for some reason. In fact, it very well may be that these famous people (like Bradley Cooper, Mel Gibson, Mickey Rourke, and others) made the whole thing popular.

So, what did these fellows see that others didn’t and how having a relationship, why did they choose to date them and how it benefited them exactly?

Are Russian ladies really that popular?

First of all, talking about why the celebrities revere the women from Russia that much, why it benefits their lives and so on and so forth would be pointless if they weren’t even that ‘revered’.

Yes, while you can say that a significant number of well-known people have a relationship with them, a lot more date the women of their respective nation. And it’s not a stigma that you should do so, it’s rather the fact that you see a lot more women from your own country if you live in it, just common sense.

It’s pretty unclear if the men who date the Russians choose to do so on purpose or if they just get fascinated by a woman of Russian descent when they see one. Regardless of that, the ladies from Russia aren’t that popular — the French, the British and the Americans, for instance, outrun them by far. 

Unsurprisingly, too — these are the most active nations in regards to the cinema, sports and show business.

You shouldn’t as well disregard that some of these Russians are in fact Americans with the long-lost Russians roots which you can only guess by their name. There are about 750.000 of them in the States overall, so it’s not very perplexing.

In the end, out of the nationalities besides the Americans and the British, Russians are very high up on the list of popular partners. They are not as popular as the former two, and not all of these Russians are actually from Russia, true. But famous people don’t date them because they are Russian, rather due to their beauty and an interesting set of values. And these, coincidentally, they inherit from their Russian ancestors.

Image of a happy couple

Why are they popular?

Apart from the fact that they are pretty attractive on average? Probably, it has something to do with the more traditional position of women in Russia. Not in a bad way, like making women cook and look after the kids all the time. This traditional position includes having and tending to the family as a priority. 

Of course, not all of the famous Russian women are like this, but that’s what society demands. Sure, you can say ‘screw society’ but looking after your family isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You get to be very helpful and specialize in some exclusively female skills from school.

And yes, there are also some of the aspects people nowadays deem negative and misogynistic. Well, they are not that bad in practice… not unless people who practice it like the concept.

Who do they date exactly?

The famed obviously don’t generally like to date anyone, they choose people from their own kind. So, who are these Russians they date and why did they choose them?

Nothing surprising here too, unfortunately. They are exactly what you’d expect: the models and the sportswomen. In general, fit people. It’s a well-known fact that they are abundant and privileged in Russia, hence it’s easy to find one of them in one ceremony or another. Hopefully, that’s how celebrities meet. 

Maybe some look for the Russian ladies on purpose and date them for the show, but it’s unknown if anyone does that, and speculating isn’t very solid of an argument.

Does it last?

It’s hard to say on average, but some people (let’s not call names as if we stalk these people) live together with their Russian girlfriends for more than 10 years. And, incidentally, these women are mostly models at the same time. 

So, unless people on such high levels of fame cheat on one another, it’s pretty probable that they not only date these Russian ladies for their physical appearance, but also for something else, likely internal. After all, if they decide to ring themselves, that means it’s not only about intimacy. 

And yes, many of these relationships end up being marriages. Not clear how many, though, because it’s more use collecting data about other things and not this weird stuff.

Is dating such women realistic?

It’s easy to forget that celebrities are actual living people like anyone else. True, they can afford a bit bigger selection of girlfriends, so to speak. Despite this, they too mostly date and marry those they like personally. Sure, it’s often attractive people, but that’s because they have a lot to select from, as mentioned.

Can you find one like this as well

Realistically, finding an attractive woman to your liking is a challenge. It’s a little easier of a challenge if you look among Russians. Though, if you’d really want to date a Russian sportswoman — you’re lucky because there’s plenty of them. They are not as top-notch as those you can read in the news about, but they are the same sort.

Are they all like this?

In case you’re wondering if the Russian ladies you hear about in the media are the most attractive among their compatriots, it’s hard to say. This is pretty subjective, but there’s a bunch of attractive women in Russia. So it’s not only the famous ones who are beautiful.

It’s because there is a lot of good-looking and elegant women in Russia that the country can spare the models left and right. Nobody’s focusing specifically on this occupation to create something of a Russian monopoly in this area of expertise.


You should also remember that the famed people in question travel around the World a lot, they visit a lot of conventions, they see a lot of ceremonies. Many celebrities visit those, including the models and the people of sport (many of them are Russians). Not hard connecting those dots.

Eventually, you should stumble upon a woman you like both externally and internally if you travel that much. It, however, isn’t a possibility for you, most likely. Not for the fancy reasons, but because you aim to find a Russian woman you’d want to spend time with. 

And these people probably don’t have such prerequisites, meeting a Russian person you’d like to date is just a very likely accident when you like to visit different gatherings of such status.

But if you aren’t here because you like the Russian ladies very much, and hence you don’t care about that aspect, the answer is simple then — just travel. It’s not going to give you an immediate and solid relationship, but you’ll get there.

Image of a Russian sportswoman

To summarize

Those Russian ladies the celebrities date may be pretty attractive, but they are not any special in regards to the other women of this country. The only difference is that they have a bit of fame. And here are the other traits and facts the famed people love about these women:

-They give an exotic experience;

-They like to tend to their family, which is good if you plan to create one;

-The women in question are pretty fit;

-They are not nearly as consumerist (that depends on a person, though), that means they don’t spend as much money


Whatever these people date the Russians for, it’s nothing that special really. For all we know, everything these Russian ladies have — many of their compatriots of the fairer sex have as well. The reasons why they date these women are pretty prosaic and often imply attractiveness, a bit rarer — the mental capabilities and traits.

But in case you want more advice about dating the Russian ladies — feel free to check out some of the other articles on this website. Or you can also watch the video below and learn something as well: