If you’re thinking of dating hot Russian girls online, you may wonder what to give them on St. Valentine’s Day. The 14th of February is quickly approaching, and a well chosen and thoughtful gift is sure to put smile on your sweetheart’s face. If you happen to read somewhere on the internet that Orthodox people in Russia are rather reluctant when it comes to celebrating a Catholic holiday, it’s not exactly true.

There are some debates here and there, but generally speaking, the whole nation is willingly celebrating this festival of love, especially younger generations. Souvenir shops and sweets departments in the malls are full of gift options, and people exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day with great enthusiasm.

Not only couples prepare small gifts for each others, but also friends and family members. In Russia St. Valentine’s day is not only about romantic love, but about love and affection in general. Everyone who’s important in a person’s life gets a small gift and a heart shaped card called “valentinka” with words of love and appreciation.

So what would you give your Russian girlfriend for St. Valentines’ Day? The good news, you can prepare something you would give a woman in your home country – there is no cultural differences here. Let’s have a closer look at several possible options.

Surprise your Russian girlfriend on Valentine’s day


You can never go wrong with flowers when preparing a romantic surprise for hot Russian girls! Eastern Europe is great a producing flower enthusiasts – you can hardly find woman who wouldn’t expect her boyfriend or husband to give her flowers on special occasions or just like that. Sending flowers is one of the potent ways of attracting beautiful Russian women.

And on St. Valentine’s day giving a lovely bunch of flowers to the girl you like is a must! Traditionally, they go for red roses, but you may choose something less cliché. There are plenty of reliable delivery services in major Russian cities, so sending a lovely bouquet to your Eastern European darling is not a problem.

Make sure to place your order well in advance though – usually flower delivery services are overloaded with work on holidays like 8th of March or February 14th. If you don’t know your beloved one’s home address, there is no harm in asking. Just tell her that you’re preparing a nice surprise for Valentine’s day.

There are plenty of lovely ready made arrangements in every internet flower store, so selecting a nice bunch won’t be an issue. Alternatively, you can put together a bouquet of your own. Your sweetheart will be happy to get a personalized gift. Remember that you’re supposed to send an odd number of flowers – an even number is a big no-no all over Eastern Europe as it has bad connotations.

Send a beautiful bunch of roses for your Russian girlfriend on Valentine’s day

Greeting cards

Greeting cards can be given as standalone gifts or as little additions to larger presents. A heartfelt message from you is bound to bring tears of joy to her eyes. If you can write a poem, do it by all means – Eastern European brides love verses, especially if they are dedicated to them.

If you find it difficult to rhyme and write poetry it’s always possible to use freelancers’ services to get this job done. But it’s not necessary to express your feelings in rhyming lines. What you can do is simply write about your feelings and her place in your heart. Go for a heart-shaped greeting card to fit the occasion.

Writing few words in Russian will add special touch to greetings for hot Russian girls. Here are a few phrases you can use:

  • С днем Св. Валентина! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Мои искренние пожелания с Днем Святого Валентина! My best wishes on Vlentine’s Day!
  • С любовью и нежностью на день Валентина. With love and affection on Valentine’s day.
  • Будешь моей Валентиной? Will you be my Valentine?

Apart from conventional greeting cards, you can send an ecard. There are lots of wonderful options on specialized sites where you can top up your greetings with all sorts of special effects and music. By sending her an ecard, you’ll ensure that she’ll get it in time.

A perfect Skype date

Even if there are thousands miles between the two of you, it’s still possible to invite your girlfriend on a date. Set up a perfect Skype date to surprise her on Valentine’s day. You can dress up nicely, put on some beautiful music and tell her how much you love her. Order the same food for both of you (there are lots of services in Russia that offer this option) and enjoy having a candlelit dinner together. You can also watch a romantic movie and discuss the plot, talk about your dreams of a happy future together, play your favorite online game or simply chat about different things.

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It’s not common to give anything costly and showy on Valentine’s day, so a small inexpensive gift will do perfectly well. You can give her a pair of beautiful gloves (winters are cold in Russia, after all), a purse, a wallet, a handbag, or something of this sort. The majority of hot Russian girls have an innate sense of style, so make sure accessories you’re gifting are pretty and of good quality.


Chocolate is one more irreplaceable attribute of St. Valentine’s celebration. A box of sweets or a nice chocolate bar is a wonderful gift to give to someone you’re in love with. You can either order it online in Russia (there is no lack of good brands in Eastern Europe) or send it from your home country. The latter is more preferable – hot Russian girls will appreciate a gift you’ve selected from one of the local stores in your neighbourhood.

Prepare a nice surprise for a Russian girl on Valentine’s day


Perfumes is a wonderful gift option on a Valentine’s day – it’s romantic, thoughtful and sweet, and your Russian girlfriend’s heart is sure to skip a beat. It’s not recommended to give perfumes in the initial stages of your romantic relationship – you need to get to know a woman better in order to select a fragrance that would reflect her personality.

Alternatively, you may ask her about her preferences where aromas and fragrances are concerned. Needless to say, she’ll guess why you’re so curious about this, but it’s not necessary for every gift to be a surprise. If you’ve decided to give her perfumes, go for reputable, well known brands.


Hot Russian girls are fond of gadgets, but their salaries are often not sufficient to cover the cost of an iPhone, camera or laptop, even if they try to save for a few month. Giving her a gadget of her dreams is sure to melt her heart. Needless to say, you don’t have to give expensive gifts to a woman you hardly know.

Firstly, she may think you’re trying to buy her favourable attitude towards you. Secondly, you can’t be sure she’s interested in a romantic relationship with you. Giving costly presents is acceptable only when you’re in established relationship with a person and she definitely returns your affections. Same goes for jewellery, fur coats, trips to Europe and so on.

Gifts to avoid on Valentine’s day

There are also several gift options that you should avoid when choosing a present for your Russian girlfriend on St. Valentine’s day. These include yellow flowers (they symbolize a quick separations), watches (for the same reason), anything sharp like manicure scissors, soaps and other products for personal hygiene. Also avoid unbelievably cheap and low quality items. You don’t have to spend much on St. Valentine’s day, but she shouldn’t get an idea that you’re stingy like the old Scrooge.

There are plenty of St. Valentine’s gift ideas, and these are only some of them. Feel free to choose something different – a gift that would reflect your girlfriend’s personality. You know her hobbies and interests better than anyone, so selecting a meaningful present might be easier than you think. And after all, it’s really the thought that counts. If a woman is genuinely interested in a lifelong relationship with you, she’ll appreciate your presence in her life no matter what you give her on Valentine’s day.